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In the tenth year of our family business, we've dedicated ourselves to creating working products with fragrances meant to improve every day living while supporting a healthy environment. Whether our products work with a purpose or make you feel good, we have everything to make life scent-sational! We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly, versatile materials that you can reuse or recycle. Green Gate Soy Co.’s products are safe & healthy for the WHOLE family.


Green Gate Soy Co. is based in Chelsea, MI, and owned by Ryann & Amy Eff. We are home to “Drunk’n Mosquito”, an eco-friendly, family friendly insect repellent candle and spray, that allows you to celebrate life’s adventures bug free! We are also home to “Just Breathe”, a candle & spray made for cold, allergy, and sinus relief. Green Gate Soy Co.’s products can now be found on Etsy and Amazon!

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